PixelPoints Services - Imaging, Capture and Workflow


PixelPoints Images - Can be delivered in electronic or printed format. All images are printed on Professional Photo grade paper, can be mounted or framed if required, and have inks that are guaranteed not to fade.
Please advise, via our customer order form, on your choice of output if your requirements are not available as standard.

Restoration & Replication - At Pixelpoints we restore, repair, and convert, old photographs to the modern digital format. Note: In many cases we've achieved better quality than the original and as well you can have multiple copies printed for friends and family !

Custom Sizing - Got a picture, but can't find a frame to suit? Here at Pixelpoints we have extensive knowledge of digital design and as well as recommending suitable frame types we can produce a print to the exact size to fit your existing frame/s. Note some restriction due to scaling may apply.

Commissions - Our portfolio of services include almost all type of photography so please contact us if you need quality imaging regardless of the subject. For information, to date we've covered, and have extensive experience on, Landscapes, Travel, Structural, Sports, Events and Family portraits. Please use our contacts page if you need to get in touch.


In today's ever changing multimedia environment, where compact cameras, phone cameras and entry level DSLR's are becoming more affordable there's never been a better time to get familiar with your kit. Whether you're a complete novice or an enthusiast who wants to take their photography to the next level we've something for you.

You and your Camera - In this short two hour session aimed at newcomers we cover the basic functions of your camera. Whether you use your camera phone, a compact camera, or digital camera we guarantee you'll take better pictures as we'll demonstrate the use of basic shooting modes, flash, composition, and explain the best way to capture that special moment.

You and your Tablet - As the Tablet PC, becomes more common people are finding it difficult to use the camera function, and as well transfer their images across platforms. In this short session we demonstrate, and provide easily understood instruction, on how to transfer images and music between your tablet and your Computer, Compact Camera or Smartphone.

Basic DSLR - Either as a follow on to our 'You and your Camera' or additional training for the enthusiast this is another short session designed specifically for those who want to take their photography up a level. Our knowledge and experience is extensive and so your session will be tailored to your particular needs. Note: To date we've had a number of delighted customers who now shoot in Aperture, Shutter and Manual modes with their DSLRS allowing them to better develop their creativity.

Advanced DSLR - Strictly for the enthusiast who's already familiar with their kit this short course focuses on an area identified by you the customer to allow you to further develop your techniques and take your photography to the next level.


Adobe Photoshop - For those with a working knowledge of computers, and who already use some form of image manipulation, this is the course for you. At two levels, basic and advanced, we'll demonstrate how to develop a workflow to better process your valuable images and optimise your images for both display in the web environment or for printed output.

Adobe Lightroom - Again, another must for anyone who's enjoying their photography and wants to move to the next level. Here you'll learn how to build a catalogue of images, apply keywords, rate your images, and perform basic editing.

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Sincerely, John.