Professional photographer who's adept at providing a 'one stop' solution for all photography requirements.


After spending many years within a Large Enterprise corporate environment as a Project Manager and Process Consultant I decided the time was right to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a freelance Photographer.

Initial thoughts, were to quickly set up a website where I could display my wares, but on attempting this I soon realised this was no simple task!

As a result, I resumed my formal education at James Watt College, where I recently completed my Higher National Diploma in "Interactive Media and Web design".

Consequently, and hopefully you'll agree after reviewing my site, my time was well spent as although not directly related to my first love of photography, I gained considerable knowledge and understanding on the effective use of colour, layout, interaction styles, typography and many other aspects and principles required for the production of a quality web site.

As for my images, in the main, they are 'as taken' with only minor adjustments made at the raw processing stage of my workflow.
Image sizing and output sharpening are only applied after the final media is determined.
Exceptions to this are shown in my 'Effects' portfolio where in certain instances where I want to portray a particular aspect of an image I'll bring my Photoshop skills into play.


HP Pavilion Elite Desktop system - Windows 7 OS - Calibrated Dell U2410 Monitor (24").
Canon 5DMkIII for Landscape and general photography - 1DMkIV for Action and Events.
Canon Prime and zoom L series lenses (Inc 24mm TSE II for structures)
Canon i9950 A3+ Printer


Adobe Lightroom, Creative Suite 6.0 (Inc PS 6 Ext 64bit) - OnOne Perfect PhotoSuite
Photokit Sharpener 2.0 (Pixel Genius)